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Need to receive or make payments for yourself, your website or company in South Africa and around the world? Do you get paid by companies or people in other countries and different currencies and need an easy way to be able to access the funds in RSA? Looking for secure payments services for online forex trading, sports betting or gambling? We are here to help you find trusted services that offer a range of online payments to meet most requirements which can be used in South Africa. Note that whilst sign up is free to all listed services there may be charges applicable for transactions which will differ by service so please read all information before creating an account.

Secure money transfers & withdrawals @ NETELLER

NETELLER is one of the leading money transfer services in the world and makes it easy to send and receive money as well as make payments and withdraw at many popular websites. You can use the service for secure transactions online, to send money to friends or relatives worldwide as well as to accept payments on your website. NETELLER is a popular choice for people that enjoy sports betting, online games, gambling and trading forex as it offers instant deposits and quick cash outs. If you need to withdraw money from your NETELLER account this can be done directly to your bank account in South Africa and the account is offered in various currencies including South African Rand (ZAR) which you can choose when you sign up. Joining is free and if you are looking for a trusted, secure online payments service then there is a lot to offer, sign up now @

Get paid easily worldwide @ Payoneer

If you work online or in a business where you get paid from companies in other countries and currencies you will know that sometimes it can be difficult to access your funds. Payoneer may be the solution and offers an easy way for you to get paid directly into local bank accounts around the world. Simply sign up and once you have created an account you can setup bank account numbers in different countries. You can create accounts to receive payments in the USA, Europe, UK, Japan, China, Canada and Australia. Once your account is verified you can start getting paid directly into your account and the money will reflect in your Payoneer account. Once you have linked your South African bank account details you are able to draw the funds directly to your local account. The service also allows you to withdraw money from PayPal as well as as offers integration with an Amazon store if you have one. If you are regularly receiving international payments in South Africa then signing up may be beneficial, sign up now @

Send & receive Bitcoin & Ethereum @ Luno

Want to be able to send and/or receive digital currency payments in South Africa or always wanted to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum and never got around to it? Luno offers a secure and easy way for anyone in South Africa to open an account and start investing in cryptocurrency or send and receive payments. Simply sign up for free and then verify your account to use the payments service or make a deposit to start trading. Luno makes it easy for anyone in RSA to trade Bitcoin and/or Ethereum in local currency and you can also use your Luno account as a wallet to send and receive payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum from people around the world. If you have thought about trading in cryptocurrency or want to accept or make digital currency payments then create a free account today @

Payroll, prepaid cards & banking @ CashCloud

Looking for a payments service in South Africa is linked to a prepaid MasterCard which can be used for payroll payments or as a bank account if you are a foreign national and cannot get a regular bank account? CashCloud could be the solution for you or your business and offers prepaid card and banking services which helps make banking accessible to everyone. If you are a business owner and need an easy and secure way to pay your employees then they may be able to help you increase efficiency and reduce costs. Alternatively if you are someone that is not able to open a normal bank account due to being a non-resident in RSA or for any other reason though still need banking services then consider applying. The card and account can be used for secure money transfers, to go shopping, draw cash at the ATM and there are also mobile banking services available. If you have been looking for an affordable and accessible banking service for you or your business then why not get more information or apply today @

CashCloud does not offer credit cards or loans, they offer a prepaid card with banking services.
You cannot apply for credit and will not be granted a loan.

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