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Receive, send and spend worldwide @ ecoPayz

Are you looking for a simple and secure way to make and receive payments for yourself and/or your business online? ecoPayz may offer the solution you have been looking for and is an online payments service which helps to make it easy to send and receive money worldwide. Anyone can open a free account in just a few minutes and there are no credit checks required. Once you have verified your account you can start using it to make and receive payments online without a credit card or even a bank account. If you are a business owner and looking for a secure way to process payments then an ecoPayz Merchant account may be an option to consider allowing you to accept payments in multiple currencies. Integration with your existing business website is simple and helps you make it easy to sell to customers around the world. Don't forget that we offer other payment services options on the website and if you are not sure that ecoPayz is right for you then consider NETELLER who offer a similar service. If you have been looking for a simple and secure way to make and receive payments then get more information or sign up today @

Creating an ecoPayz account is free however there are charges applicable per transaction so please read applicable information before you sign up. Though the account can be linked to a prepaid MasterCard this is however not available in South Africa and if you are looking for a prepaid card solution then consider CashCloud which is offered in RSA. If you are in need of a secure online payments service then sign up today @

Why sign up with ecoPayz...
  • Payments & money transfers
  • Accept website payments
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Free to open an account

Send & receive Bitcoin & Ethereum @ Luno

Want to be able to send and/or receive digital currency payments in South Africa or always wanted to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum and never got around to it? Luno offers a secure and easy way for anyone in South Africa to open an account and start investing in cryptocurrency or send and receive payments. Simply sign up for free and then verify your account to use the payments service or make a deposit to start trading. Luno makes it easy for anyone in RSA to trade Bitcoin and/or Ethereum in local currency and you can also use your Luno account as a wallet to send and receive payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum from people around the world. If you have thought about trading in cryptocurrency or want to accept or make digital currency payments then create a free account today @

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