dollars to south african bank

Secure transfers, deposits & withdrawals @ NETELLER

Do you regularly deposit money to websites online for forex trading, gambling, sports betting or gaming? Do you need to be able to transfer money to people around the world securely or accept website payments for your business? NETELLER is one of the world's leading online payments services and offers free sign up in the currency of your choice including South African Rand (ZAR) and multiple withdrawal and deposit options. A popular choice for people that enjoy trading, gaming or gambling online the service is secure and also allows you to easily transfer money from your NETELLER account to a local bank account in South Africa. Along with secure payments and withdrawals the service also offers instant money transfers around the world and allows you to send money to people even if they do not have a NETELLER account. If you are a business owner and have been looking to implement a website payments service then there is also the option to easily integrate with NETELLER and accept payments on your website. If you do enjoy online gambling or trading then there are also regular offers from partner companies helping you with extra credit if you sign up and use NETELLER. If you have been looking for an alternative to PayPal or to using your credit card online then get more information or sign up today @

Joining NETELLER is free and will only take a few minutes to create an account. Once you have verified your account with your identity document you can start using the service by making a deposit or cashing out. Note that whilst it is free to sign up there are different fees applicable per transaction so please read all information. NETELLER also offers an app for popular mobile devices which makes it easy to manage your account and make money transfers. If you need a secure method for making deposits, withdrawals, money transfers and/or accepting business payments then why not sign up today @

Why sign up with NETELLER...
  • Payments & money transfers
  • Withdraw to RSA bank account
  • Choose your account currency
  • Secure & simple payments

Send & receive Bitcoin & Ethereum @ Luno

Want to be able to send and/or receive digital currency payments in South Africa or always wanted to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum and never got around to it? Luno offers a secure and easy way for anyone in South Africa to open an account and start investing in cryptocurrency or send and receive payments. Simply sign up for free and then verify your account to use the payments service or make a deposit to start trading. Luno makes it easy for anyone in RSA to trade Bitcoin and/or Ethereum in local currency and you can also use your Luno account as a wallet to send and receive payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum from people around the world. If you have thought about trading in cryptocurrency or want to accept or make digital currency payments then create a free account today @

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