dollars to south african bank

Get paid easily @ Payoneer

Do you freelance or work in a business where you often receive payments from international companies and need an easier way to get paid? Payoneer may be the solution for you and offers a worldwide online payments service. Simply sign up and create your account and then use the global payments service to create bank account numbers in different countries, wherever you need funds to be transferred. Local bank account numbers are offered in the USA, UK, Europe, Japan, China, Canada and Australia and once the money is transferred it will be accessible via your Payoneer online eWallet. Once you have funds in your account and it has been verified you can withdraw the money directly to a local bank account in South Africa. The service is a popular choice for people that receive payments from international companies like AirBnB, fiverr, Getty Images, Amazon and many others and can also be used as a method to withdraw funds from a PayPal account easily. Other features include a billing service, mass payouts as well as money transfers to other Payoneer account holders. If you regularly get paid from companies in other countries and are looking for an easy and affordable way to access your money in South Africa then why not sign up or get more information today @

It is free to sign up and create a Payoneer account though note that there will be fees per transaction as well as international exchange fees if you transfer the money to a local bank account. If you have friends that may also be interested in making use of the service you can earn rewards for each friend that you refer. For more advanced applications there is also an API available for integration with your business systems. The ability to get paid directly into international bank accounts makes it easy for you to get paid in different currencies and then draw the money to your own account in RSA potentially saving you time and money. If you have been looking for a secure and simple way to receive international payments for yourself or your business then why not sign up today @

Why sign up with Payoneer...
  • Get paid in different currencies
  • Get paid by partner companies
  • Withdraw to RSA bank account
  • Withdraw money from PayPal

Send & receive Bitcoin & Ethereum @ Luno

Want to be able to send and/or receive digital currency payments in South Africa or always wanted to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum and never got around to it? Luno offers a secure and easy way for anyone in South Africa to open an account and start investing in cryptocurrency or send and receive payments. Simply sign up for free and then verify your account to use the payments service or make a deposit to start trading. Luno makes it easy for anyone in RSA to trade Bitcoin and/or Ethereum in local currency and you can also use your Luno account as a wallet to send and receive payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum from people around the world. If you have thought about trading in cryptocurrency or want to accept or make digital currency payments then create a free account today @

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